Canton White Pod Yardlong Bean


The Canton white pod yardlong bean is very much like a very long string bean except not as tough and is widely used in oriental dishes.


Translations: Canton Baltoji Pod Yardlong Bean, Canton Pod alb Yardlong Bean, Kanton Pod Bijeli Yardlong Bean, Canton trắng Yardlong Bean Pod, गुआंगज़ौ व्हाइट बीन Yardlong Pod, Canton Pod Branco Feijão-chicote, Кантон Белый Pod Yardlong Бин, Canton Λευκό Pod Yardlong Bean, كانتون قرنة الأبيض Yardlong بقول, 캔톤 화이트 포드 콩을 Yardlong, Canton Bílé Pod Yardlong Bean, Kanton Putih Pod Kacang Panjang, 广州白荚豇豆, Cantó Blanc Beina Yardlong Bean, Kanton White Pod Yardlong Bean, Canton Biele Pod Yardlong Bean, Cantone Pod White Yardlong Bean, קנטון Pod הלבן Yardlong Bean, Кантона Бела Под Иардлонг Бин, カントンホワイトポッドBeanをYardlong, Canton Pod blanc Yardlong Bean, Kanton White Pod Spargelbohne, Cantón Blanco Vaina Yardlong Bean, Кантон Білий Pod Yardlong Бін, Кантон Бяла Pod Yardlong Бийн



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