Saint-Andre Cheese


Saint-Andre is a high milk-fat, "triple creme," cow's milk cheese from France. It has a powdery white, bloomy skin of mold and a soft buttery texture. It tastes like an intense version of Brie.


Translations: Saint-André Sūris, Saint-Andre Brânză, Saint-Andre sira, Saint-Andre Sery, Saint-Andre Kaas, Saint-आंद्रे पनीर, Saint-Andre Queijo, Санкт-Андре сыра, Saint-Andre Τυρί, القديس اندريه الجبن, 세인트 안드레 치즈, Saint-Andre Sýry, 圣安德烈奶酪, Saint-André de formatge, Saint-Andre Sir, Saint-Andre Syry, סן אנדרה גבינה, Saint-André Cheese, Саинт-Андрэ сир, サンタンドレチーズ, Saint-André au fromage, Saint-Andre Käse, Saint-André de queso, Санкт-Андре сиру, Saint-André Juusto, Сен-Андре сирене

Physical Description

Saint-Andre cheese has a white rind which is sometimes covered with a fuzzy white mold (Penicillum camamberti). This is perfectly normal and common with this cheese.

Colors: soft white rind, pale yellow

Tasting Notes

Flavors: salty
Mouthfeel: Rich and creamy, Buttery, Slightly crumbly
Food complements: French bread, Plain crackers, Pear
Wine complements: Dessert wines
Beverage complements: Ale
Substitutes: Brie

Selecting and Buying

Buying: Saint Andre Cheese can be found in specialty cheese stores.

Conserving and Storing

Saint-Andre cheeses are highly perishable and needs to be consumed within two days after opening.It can last up to a week when refrigerated.



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