Poivon Rouge Pepper


The Poivon Rouge Pepper is a sweet type of red pepper high in antioxidants and used often in Moroccan cooking both to add a sweet and tangy flavor as well as color to the finished dish.


Translations: Poivon Pepper Rouge, Poivon Rouge Pipirai, Poivon الخمير فلفل, Poivon Rouge Korenie, Poivon Pepper Rouge, Poivre Rouge Poivon, Poivonルージュペッパー, Poivon의 루즈 페퍼, Poivon Rouge Pepř, Pieprz Rouge Poivon, Poivon Руж Пеппер, Poivon Pepper Rouge, Poivon रूज पेप्पर, Poivon פלפל רוז, Poivon Руж Пеппер, Poivon高棉辣椒, Поивон руж бибер, Poivon Rouge Lada, Poivon Pepper Rouge, Poivon Руж пипер



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