Carrot Oil


Carrot Museum delving into the history,health, nutrition, good recipes and craft items, also jokes and puzzles, cultivation and growing tips. Department of Health and Human Services have published findings that mineral oil has been determined to cause cancer in humans.


Translations: Burkānu eļļa, Morkų aliejus, Morcov de ulei, Mrkva ulje, Dầu cà rốt, Olej z marchwi, गाजर का तेल, Óleo de cenoura, Морковь нефти, Καρότο Oil, جزرة النفط, 당근 오일, Wortel Minyak, Karot Oil, 胡萝卜油, Oli de Pastanaga, Korenček Oil, Olio di Carota, גזר שמן, Morot Olja, Мрква нафте, キャロット油, Huile de Carotte, Gulerod Oil, Aceite de Zanahoria, Морква нафти, Porkkana Öljy, Морков петрола



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