Caerphilly Cheese


Caerphilly cheese is a hard, white cow's milk cheese that originates in the area around the town of Caerphilly in Wales. Though not originally made in Caerphilly, it was sold at the market there, therefore taking the town's name. It is a crumbly, almost white colored cheese that is mild in flavor.


Translations: Caerphilly Siers, Caerphilly Sūriai, Caerphilly Brânză, Caerphilly sira, Caerphilly Kaas, Caerphilly पनीर, Caerphilly Queijo, Каерфилли сыра, Caerphilly Τυρί, كيرفيلي الجبن, 캐어 필리 치즈, Caerphilly Sýry, Caerphilly Keju, 卡厄菲利奶酪, Formatge Caerphilly, Caerphilly Sir, Caerphilly Syry, Caerphilly Formaggio, קארפילי גבינה, Caerphilly Ost, Цаерпхилли сир, カーフィリーチーズ, Caerphilly fromage, Cheese Caerphilly, Queso Caerphilly, Каерфіллі сиру, Caerphilly Juusto, Caerphilly сирене

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Cheddar, Cheshire, Lancashire



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