Olympia Oyster


No bigger than a silver dollar, the Olympia is the tiniest oyster available on the market. Prized by connoisseurs, the "Oly" is grown near Olympia Bay in northern Washington State. The clean taste and cucumber-like finish is perfect for novice raw oyster eaters. They are tender, and not so chewy.

They are native to the West Coast unlike many of its counterparts from Japan.

When Washington became a state, it was renamed Olympia in 1889. This was due to the culmination of many meetings about which city would become the state capital. At the end of many meetings, there was an oyster dinner served by Olympia. Olympia won the bid and the oysters became Olympia oysters.


Other names: Ostrea Lurida, Olys
Translations: Ολυμπία Oyster, أولمبيا المحار, Олімпія Ойстер, Huître, Stridie, 올림피아 굴, Olympia Tiram, אולימפיה אויסטר, Олимпия Ойстер, 奥林匹亚牡蛎, Olympia talaba, ओलंपिया कस्तूरा, Olympia Ostras, オリンピアオイスター, Олимпија Оистер, Олимпия стриди



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