Wooly Jelly Palm


A cold-hardy palm bearing small orange-red fruits with tasty pineapple-orange like pulp. The fruits are often considered even higher quality than those of its close relative the Jelly Palm. Used to make jellies and jams.


Translations: ウーリーゼリーパーム, Vilnonis Jelly Palm, صوفي النخلة جيلي, Vlnený Jelly Palm, Villapaita Jelly Palm, Wooly Palm Jelly, Wooly Žele Palm, Vlněný Jelly Palm, Wooly Jelly פאלם, Вули Желе Palm, Wooly 젤리 팜, Mabalahibo halaya Palm, Wooly जेली पाम, Вулі Желе Palm, 毛虫果冻棕榈, Woolyja Jelly Palm, Ulde Jelly Palm, Вооли Желе Палм, Berbulu Jelly Palm, Wooly Желе Palm



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