Chartreuse Liqueur


A French liqueur made of distilled alcohol flavored with 130 herbal extracts. Made by Carthusian monks with a secret recipe, Chartreuse was originally intended to be medicine. Green and yellow Chartreuse are made, with green being somewhat stronger and colored with chlorophyll. Yellow is somewhat more mild and sweet, and was traditionally flavored with saffron.


Other names: Green Chartreuse
Translations: Chartreuse Liķieris, Chartreuse Likeris, Chartreuse Lichioruri, Chartreuse Liker, Likier Chartreuse, Chartreuse, षाट्रेज़ लिकर, Licor Chartreuse, Ликер Шартрез, Chartreuse Λικέρ, أخضر مصفر المشروب الكحولي, 연두빛 리큐어, Chartreuse Likéry, Liqueur Chartreuse, Chartreuse likor, 淡黄绿色露酒, Licor Chartreuse, Chartreuse Liker, Chartreuse Likéry, Liquore Chartreuse, ירקרקים ליקר, Chartreuse Likör, Цхартреусе Ликер, シャルトルーズリキュール, Liqueur Chartreuse, Chartreuse Likör, Chartreuse Likør, Chartreuse likør, Licor Chartreuse, Лікер Шартрез, Chartreuse Likööri, Chartreuse Ликьорни

Physical Description

Colors: Natural green color

Selecting and Buying

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