Atlantic Herring


The Atlantic Herring is one of the most abundant types of fish, found in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean where it is called Pacific Herring. It is an important source of food in many countries that lie in both the Alantic and Pacific Oceans.

The Altantic Herring is a relatively small to medium sized fish with fins and scales on its body and a silvery blue black color. Commercially, it is often sold salted, pickled and smoked, or canned as Sardines.


Other names: Pacific Herring
Translations: Atlantijas siļķu, Atlanto silkė, Atlanticul de Hering, Herring Đại Tây Dương, Śledź Atlantyku, Haring, अटलांटिक मछली, Arenque, Сельдь атлантическая, Ρέγγα Ατλαντικού, الأطلسي الرنغة, 대서양 헤링, Sleď, 大西洋鲱鱼, Arengada l'Atlàntic, Atlantski sled, Sleď, אטלנטיק הרינג, Sill / strömming, Атлантиц Харинга, 大西洋ニシン, Hareng de l'Atlantique, Atlantischer Hering, Atlantic Sild, Arenque del Atlántico, Оселедець атлантична, Silli, Атлантическа херинга



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