Beenleigh Blue Cheese


Beenleigh Blue from Britain is a modern farmhouse cheese made from unpasteurized sheep's milk. It's both organic and vegetarian. The shape is cylindrical, and its rind is rough, crusty and slightly sticky. It has patches of blue, gray and white molds. Its texture is moist, yet crumbly, with bold blue-green streaks that run through the white interior. It poccesses a burnt caramel sweetness with a strong, spicy character.


Translations: ビーンリーブルーチーズ, Beenleigh الجبن الأزرق, Beenleigh nivou, Beenleigh au fromage bleu, Beenleigh plavi sir, Beenleigh nivou, Beenleigh רוקפור, Бинли Blue сыра, Beenleigh 블루 치즈, Beenleigh ब्लू चीज़, Beenleigh Formatge Blau, Бінлі блакитного сиру, 宾利蓝奶酪, Беенлеигх плави сир, Beenleigh Queso Azul, Beenleigh синьо сирене



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