Aurora Pear


This is a dessert pear that has large, regular fruit. Skin is bright yellow, lightly overlaid with a beautiful russet, frequently blushed. Keeps well in storage until December. Flesh is smooth, melting, and juicy, with a sweet aromatic flavor.


Translations: Aurora Bumbieru, Aurora Kriaušė, Aurora Kruška, Aurora Gruszka, औरोरा नाशपाती, Аврора груша, Aurora Αχλάδι, الشفق الكمثرى, 오로라 배, Aurora Hruška, Aurora peras, 极光梨, Aurora Pera, Aurora Hruška, אורורה אגס, Аурора Крушка, オーロラ梨, Aurora Poire, Aurora Birne, Aurora Pera, Аврора груша, Aurora Päärynäpuut, Aurora Круша



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