Bonnie Best Apple


Origin: Cooksville, Wisconsin Ripens: Oct Zone: 3 - 6
An excellent apple for pies, canning, and fresh use. Fruits are large with attractive pale red striping. Flesh is creamy color, crunchy, tender, juicy and slightly tart. Keeps well in storage.


Translations: Bonnie Geriausi Apple, Cel mai bun Bonnie Apple, Bonnie Apple hay nhất, Beste Bonnie Apple, Bonnie Beste Apple, Бонни Лучший Apple, بوني أفضل أبل, 보니 최고의 사과, Bonnie Nejlepší Apple, Bonnie Terbaik Apple, 邦尼最佳苹果, Bonnie Mejor Apple, Bonnie Najlepšie Apple, בוני הטוב אפל, Bonnie Bästa Apple, Бони Најбољи јабука, ボニーベストアップル, Apple Best Bonnie, Bonnie Bedste Apple, बोनी सर्वश्रेष्ठ एप्पल, Bonnie Millor Apple, Бонні Кращий Apple, Бони най-добър Apple



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