Allspice Berry


Allspice is the dried berry of the Jamaican pepper tree, also known as pimento tree. Allspice berries contain two seeds and are slightly larger than peppercorns and have a rough dark reddish brown exterior when dried. They are harvested and dried when they reach full size but before they mature. The allspice berries lose their flavor and aroma when fully ripe.


Translations: Sodo uogų, Ienibaharul Berry, Ziele angielskie Berry, Piment Berry, Allspice बेरी, Pimenta da Jamaica Berry, Перец душистый Берри, Μπαχάρι Berry, البهارات بيري, 피망 베리, Nové koření Berry, Olspays Berry, 奥尔斯派斯贝里, Pebre de Jamaica Berry, Piment Berry, Nové korenie Berry, Pimento Berry, פלפל אנגלי ברי, Kryddpeppar Berry, Најгвирц Бери, オールスピスベリー, Piment de la Jamaïque Berry, Pimentbeere, Allehånde Berry, Pimienta de Jamaica Berry, Перець духмяний Беррі, Maustepippuri Berry, Бахар Бери



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