Red Orach, Lettuce


Beautiful red leaves can be harvested when young, or let grow to full size of 4-6 feet and harvest the leaves from the branches. Wonderful used as micro-greens in salads; excellent hot weather spinach substitute.


Other names: German Mountain Spinach, Garden Orache, French Spinach
Translations: Red Orach, salāti, Red Łoboda, Salotos, Red Orach, salată verde, Crvena divlja loboda, zelena salata, Red loại rau lê, Rau diếp, Orach Red, Sałata, Rode Orach, Lettuce, लाल ओरिच, सलाद, Red Orach, Alface, Красный Орач, салат-латук, Red Orach, Μαρούλι, أحمر Orach ، خس, 빨간 Orach, 상추, Červená Orach, hlávkový salát, Црвена дивља лобода, Зелена салата, Red halaman ng orits, litsugas, 红Orach,生菜, Oraj Roja, Enciam, Red Orach, Solata, Červená Orach, hlávkový šalát, Red Orach, Lattuga, אורח אדום, חסה, Red Orach, sallad, Merah Orach, Selada, レッドOrach、レタス, Arroche rouge, laitue, Red Orach, Salat, Red Orach, Salat, Red Orach, Salat, Oraj Roja, Lechuga, Червоний Орач, салат-латук, Red Orach, salaatit, Червената градинска лобода, маруля

Physical Description

This is a leafy vegetable with a triangular shape. The leaves are almost solid red on one side and green on the other. The leaves have a soft but firm texture something like Romaine. The edges of the leaves are curled while also the leaves are small.

Colors: Deep mottled burgandy red, deep earthy green

Tasting Notes

Flavors: acidic, subtle
Mouthfeel: Tender
Food complements: Soup, Salad, Garnishes
Wine complements: White wine, Beaujolais nouveau
Beverage complements: Extra dry champagne
Substitutes: Spinach, Red leaf lettuce

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober
Choosing: Look for tender leaves that appear to be young. Also check the color of the leaves in the sunlight. The best lettuce is a translucent red when held in the light.
Buying: You can find Red Orach at farmer's markets and major supermarkets with sizable produce sections.
Procuring: Red Orach should be grown in a rich garden soil and regularly pinched back to keep the plants compact and classically sized for food dishes and garnishes. Lettuce can be grown successfully in most of the United States from the north to the south and in many places around the world with similar climates.

Preparation and Use

This vegetable/herb is used in soups, salads and for garnishes.

Cleaning: Wash thoroughly in cool running water, let dry on paper towels for a few minutes then transfer to a lettuce keeper or other plastic bowl until time to use.

Conserving and Storing

Keep in the refrigerator after purchase. Will keep about a week if stored properly. You can also dry the leaves and use them in floral bouquets.


Red Orach is used for landscaping.

History: There used to be red and green forms of Red Orach lettuce, but currently only the red form is apt to be available in common markets.



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