Blue Mussel


Found in temperate waters of the northern and southern hemispheres. They are farm raised in Maine, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Spain. The shell is dark blue and it averages 2-3 inches in length. It has a slightly sweet flavor. Often baked, steamed or in stews.

Slightly narrower than their cousin, the Mediterranean mussel, but are just as sweet. Prime in fall and winter.


Other names: Mytilus Trossulus, Mytilus Edulis, Edible Mussels
Translations: Ēdamgliemene, Midija, Blue midii, Plava Dagnja, Vẹm xanh, Omułek, Mossel, ब्लू सीपी, Blue мидий, Μύδι, بلح البحر الأزرق, 블루 머셀, Slávka, Blue Kupang, Blue paros, 蓝贻贝, Musclo Blau, Slávka, Blue cozze, כחול שבלול, Blåmusslan, Плава Дагње, ムラサキイガイ, La moule bleue, Miesmuschel, Mejillón Azul, Blue мідій, Sinisimpukan, Blue мида

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