Royal Russet Apple


Large and characteristic russet skin is brown with a greenish-yellow undercast. The yellow flesh has a sweet, nut-like flavor.


Translations: Karaliaus Russet Apple, Royal roscat Apple, Royal crvenka Apple, Royal mộc mạc Apple, Apple Russet Royal, रॉयल लाल सा सेब, Royal Apple Russet, Королевский Рассет Apple, Royal Apple Russet, رويال راسيت أبل, 로얄 적갈색 애플, Royal Červenohnědý Apple, Royal pulang kayumanggi Apple, 皇家拉塞特苹果, Reial Apple Russet, Royal Crvenka Apple, Royal Červenohnedý Apple, רויאל אפל אדמדם, Краљевски Црвенка јабука, ロイヤルラアップル, Apple Russet Royal, Real Apple Russet, Королівський Рассет Apple, Royal шаячен Apple



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