Nguri Cheese


Nguri is a cow's milk cheese of Fujian, China. They are formed into small ping pong -sided ball and have a soft, leathery texture and a very salty flavor. It is often served as a condiment to plain rice congee.


Translations: Nguri Siers, Nguri Sūriai, Nguri Brânză, Nguri sira, Nguri Kaas, Nguri पनीर, Nguri Queijo, Nguri сыра, Nguri Τυρί, Nguri الجبن, Nguri 치즈, Nguri Sýry, Nguri Keju, Nguri奶酪, Nguri Formatge, Nguri Sir, Nguri Syry, Nguri Formaggio, Nguri גבינה, Nguri Ost, Нгури сир, Nguriチーズ, Nguri fromage, Nguri Queso, Nguri сиру, Nguri Juusto, Nguri сирене



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