Purple Asparagus


The purple cultivar, known as Violetta d'Albenga, was originally produced in the region around Albenga, Italy. It remains purple with quick cooking, such as brisk sautéing, but turns green with longer cooking. This variety has four times the sugar and is much more tender than its green sister. The bigger stalks are the best ones.


Other names: Violetta D'albenga
Translations: Purple Sparģeļi, Purple Šparagai, Sparanghel violet, Ljubičasta šparoga, Măng tây tím, Paarse asperges, बैंगनी Asparagus, Purple Espargos, Спаржа Purple, Purple Σπαράγγια, الهليون الأرجواني, 보라색 아스파 라 거스, Fialový chřest, Asparagus ungu, Purple asparagus, 紫芦笋, Porpra Espàrrecs, Fialový špargľa, Purple Asparagi, סגול אספרגוס, Lila Sparris, Љубичаста Шпаргла, 紫アスパラガス, Purple asperges, Purple Spargel, Purple Asparges, Lilla asparges, Púrpura Espárragos, Спаржа Purple, Purple Parsa, Purple Аспержи



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