Sutton Beauty Apple


A high-quality dessert apple which originated in 1848 in Sutton, Massachusetts. It was once raised as a commercial variety in New York around 1900. A productive but biennial variety occasionally susceptible to fireblight. Fruit is medium-sized with waxy greenish-yellow skin shaded and striped with crimson. The whitish flesh is tinged with yellow and is crisp, juicy and fine-grained. A very early bloomer ripening in September.


Translations: Sutton Grožio Apple, Sutton đẹp của Apple, Sutton salon Apple, Sutton सौंदर्य एप्पल, Sutton Beleza Apple, Саттон красоты Apple, Sutton ομορφιάς Apple, ساتون الجمال أبل, 서튼 뷰티 애플, Sutton Krása Apple, Sutton Kecantikan Apple, Sutton Pampaganda Apple, 萨顿美容苹果, Sutton Bellesa Apple, Sutton Krása Apple, סאטון יופי אפל, Сатон лепота јабука, サットン美容アップル, Sutton Beauté Apple, Sutton Belleza Apple, Саттон краси Apple, Сътън красота Apple



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