Nasi Goreng Kampung


Recipe from this link-
Salt& Sugar to taste
For the sambal-grind into a paste:
5 dried Chillies (soak in water)
2 cloves Garlic
1 inch Belacan (shrimp paste)
Enough Oil to saute the sambal
For Garnishing:
Method For Sambal:
1 Heat up enough oil in low flame, add in the sambal paste and saute until oil sur
2 Dish out in a bowl


In a wok add 2 tbsp oil, add boneless chicken and stir fry add in cooked rice, stir-fry until the oil coats the rice nicely.
Add the sambal, salt, sprinkle some water and stir the rice nicely. Close the fire.
Add in the anchovies and mix.
Dish into a plate and garnish with cucumber, crisp shallots and spring onions.


Nasi goreng, literally meaning "fried rice" in Indonesian and Malay, can refer simply to fried pre-cooked rice, a meal including fried rice accompanied with other items, or a more complicated fried rice, typically spiced with tamarind and chilli and including other ingredients, particularly egg and prawns. There is also a special nasi goreng which is made with ikan asin (salted dried fish) which is also popular across the country.
Nasi goreng is considered the national dish of Indonesia There are many Indonesian cuisines but few national dishes. Nasi goreng is the best of them. Indonesia's national dish knows no social barriers. It can be enjoyed in its simplest manifestation from a tin plate at a roadside warung, or food stall; eaten on porcelain in fancy restaurants, or constructed at the ubiquitous buffet tables of Jakarta dinner parties.

My recipe is from my friend Reyg Linao. But, I did change the her original recipe a bit. ^^ Green Mangoes goes well with it! ^^




Friday, November 26, 2010 - 4:04am

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