Pineapple and Olive Seafood Pizza


1 12-inch Unbaked pizza crust
1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
1 cup Mozzarella cheese, shredded
1 cup White cheddar cheese, shredded
¾ cup Crab meat
¾ cup Small shrimp
½ cup Fresh or canned pineapple, drained and chopped
¼ cup Diced green bell pepper
5 White mushrooms – sliced
4 ½ ounces Sliced black olives


To prepare Pineapple and Olive Seafood Pizza, you need to first pat the dough in a greased pan. Then, the next step is to brush with olive oil and top with all the remaining ingredients beginning with seafood and finishing it with the mozzarella cheese.
Next step included to make this delicious seafood pizza is to preheat the oven at 450 degrees F and to bake the pizza till the cheese starts bubbling. The ingredients mentioned in this recipe is sufficient to make pizza for 3 to 4 servings.


Go and try out this tempting Pineapple and Olive Seafood Pizza Recipe anytime to have a delicious meal. The ingredients used in this pizza recipe can be found easily, so there is no hassle in making this pizza.


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