New Year Irish Salmon & Crab Cakes


Salmon/crab cake Ingredients
1 Smoked salmon (Union Hall Smoke house Cork) or ordinary salmon fillet.
2 packs of crab meat (Ted Browne of Dingle Co Kerry).
Spring Onions (2 bunches)
Ginger (approx a thumb length)
Garlic (1 head)
1 Cuthberts bakery round loaf (which is a small round crusty bread loaf)
Mayonaise approx 3 large tablespoons
Sweet Corn
3 Red chillis
Bunch of Dill (or corriander).
A few dashes of Lea & Perrins sauce
1 lime
Mayo dipping sauce
Mayonaise (I just used Hellmans)
1 lime (juice and grated zest)
2 cloves of Garlic


To make these cakes a food mixer/blender is really all thats needed.
First blend up the bread to make breadcrumbs, place in a bowl and set aside.
Then literally blend all the other ingredients together to whatever consistency is to your own personal taste.
Next transfer the mix into a large bowl, and mix with almost half the bread crumbs taking care to ensure that the mix stays moist .
Next with a spoon take a spoonful and put onto some bread crumbs on a plate and roll in these, shape the ball into a cake shape and place on a clean dish see image below.
Finally put on a hot pan with a good glug of rapseeed oil or olive oil. I like also as soon as they go onto the pan to squash them down into a thin cake using a fish slice at this stage to help them cook quicker. And after 3 to 5 mins flipping on both sides turning the cakes golden you have a very tasty meal. Serve with salad and side lime/garlic dipping mayo.
Note any fish can be used for this recipe and I intend to vary them as the year goes by.


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