White Smoothness In A Jar – Fig-Vanilla and Apple-Kiwi Yogurts


2 inches kiwis, peeled and cut small cubes
1/2 inch granny smith apple, peeled and cut small cubes
4 1/2 ounces (or 125 g) black figs, peeled and well ripe
vanilla powder
2 tablespoons sugar
cups milk (or 800 ml) whole, skim or half-skimmed
6 inches tps evaporated milk (canned or powder)


If you are using fruits at the bottom, I suggest to start preparing them beforehand. Peel figs and cut in small cubes. Add sugar and let it cook until it becomes into a smooth consistency. Add vanilla and let it cool. Proceed the same way with the apples and kiwis (without the use of vanilla).
Remove milk from the refrigerator and keep it room temperature for a while. In a mixing container, mix milk and yogurt. Add evaporated milk. Mix well.
Place 2 tbs of fruit sauce in each jar, add milk mixture and place in yogurt maker as per instructions. Do not close jars with lids. I kept those for 9 hours in the machine since I used non-fat milk. If you are using regular milk, or half-skimmed milk, you need to leave the yogurts about 7-8 hours. When the machine has stopped, put lids on and place in the refrigerator for 3 hours.




The great thing about making yogurt is that you can play around with different milks, spices and fruits. For this first attempt, I used fat free milk, but next time I will use the 2% fat and see the difference. The only inconvenient is that it takes about 10 hours to have your yogurts ready, but then you get seven of them. You can use either a plain yogurt or yogurt ferments for your mixture.


7 yogurts


Monday, February 1, 2010 - 10:45pm


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