Teriyaki Bbq Sockeye Salmon


MAINS: Dinner for 4
A couple pounds of Sockeye salmon fillets, teriyaki sauce, thin


PREPARATION: Wash and pad dry salmon. Once dry, cut into 4 inch cubes.
Pour teriyaki sauce in a bowl and put aside this is your glazing sauce MMMM
Wash the lettuce and spin dry. Cut tomato and cucumber into thin wedges.
Mix tomato, cucumber and lettuce in a bowl. This is your beautiful salad to go with your main course.
COOKING: Heat the BBQ to medium high heat and place salmon cubes flesh down evenly on the grill.
Cook for approximately 4 minutes and flip over.
Cook for a minute or so and flip one more time and glaze the salmon with the teriyaki sauce.
Throw your multigrain buns on the grill as this part of the cooking is taking place .
This will slightly toast the nice multigrain buns that you are about to chow down.
Take off heat, your salmon is ready for your belly.
You can also cook the salmon on a fry pan just follow the same instructions for approximate cooking times.
I like to just put the salmon straight into the buns and eat it like that with the salad on the side.
I do this because I like to taste the salmon on its own :).If you wish you can use part of your salad as a filling with the salmon.
Sit back and enjoy your healthy meal of the week :).


Living close to the fishing village of Steveston in Richmond BC, we have an abundance of fresh sea food all year long.

The varieties of seafood available is amazing and it’s fun just going to the docks and bargaining with the fisherman and women who have brought their fresh catch to sell.

The catch is always fresh an in abundance and Quissy and I take advantage of this blessing.

We try and eat a healthy diet every day. Lots of omega 3, fresh salad and multigrain buns. Good for the mind and soul. We love it so will you when you try:)

This beautiful fresh dish consisting of one of the finest fish we have in Canada, the Sockeye Salmon and the local garden greens served with healthy multigrain buns will keep your heart beating with the sound of joy and laughter.


4 servings


Thursday, December 9, 2010 - 11:03am


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