Stuffed Bitter Gourd With Gravy(Bharwan Karela) My Mom's Recipe


16 Bitter gourd (Karela)-- (small)-
Mustard Oil [for real taste]
1 inch large 8 pieces each]
10 Galic- nos
2 large onion-
2 teaspoons cumin seeds-
1 teaspoon turmeric powder-
salt- for taste
3 teaspoons coriander powder-
2 dried red chilly-
gravy: again grind all to make smooth paste
1 tablespoon mustard seeds-
8 garlic- nos


Wash all karelas in running water. Please don’t cut the sides. Now with the help of knife remove seeds and pulp from inside .grind pulp& seeds to smooth paste with little water
Now boil karelas in water with pinch of salt till half done . drain water and keep aside
Heat a non sticky pan add 2 tbsp oil add 1 pinch cumin seeds in hot oil ,after crackling cumin add pulp paste and filling paste 1 tsp turmeric powder, salt , roast it till the filling becomes dry, keep aside to cool.
After 5 minutes the stuff {filling} is ready to fill in the karelas .now fill the karelas with filling stuff. some
Filling stuff will left but don’t worry add it in the gravy
Now put 2 tbsp oil in non sticky pan and fry the all the stuffed karelas without covering the lid fry all the sides /if you are health conscious microwave it for 10 minutes with little oil or without oil.
For gravy
Now put 1 tbsp oil in non sticky pan add a pinch of cumin seeds after crackling add the gravy paste ,add a pinch turmeric powder ,salt to taste ,left stuff roast till dry avoid over roast. add 1 glass water when the gravy becomes little thick add the fried stuffed karelas add aamchoor powder ,tomatoes cover the lid simmer the flame foe 5—6 minutes. .remove from heat. keep some dry fried stuffed karelas and serve with rice .
Serve hot with rice and some curd for best taste. pls dont serve anything else.


1 servings


Monday, February 21, 2011 - 3:30am


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