Nori-Maki Sushi


4 tablespoons sushi seasoning ("tamonoi" powder, sold in Asian food stores in packets)
2 nori sheets (seasoned
roasted nori, sold in Asian food stores in packets of 10 sheets, about 7 ½" x 8")
2 cups hot cooked rice (short grained, sold in Asian food stores)
Cooked or parboiled vegetables (any of the following, cut into strips would be good:


COMMENT: When my son hasn't eaten many of his vegetables in a few days, here is my no-fail way to fill him up!
Place rice into a 2 quart mixing bowl. Sprinkle sushi seasoning over rice, then toss the rice thoroughly. If you have a sushi-making bamboo mat, great! If not, don't worry, this will work fine on the counter top without the mat.
Place one nori sheet on the counter in front of you. Place one half of the rice mixture on the nori and spread the rice with your fingertips to three edges of the nori sheet, leaving about the top 2" uncovered. Next, place any vegetables you wish to use along the bottom edge.
Roll up (jelly roll style), pressing firmly, starting at the bottom. When you reach the top 2" of nori, wet this part with water (just as you would seal an envelope) and continue rolling. Set side and repeat the process for the second roll. Cut the roll in about 6 parts using a sharp knife. Arrange on a plate. Serve with a small dish of soy sauce for dipping.




4.0 servings


Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 12:48am



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