A Lovely Chicken Appetizer By Cat


2 Larges Cans Cinnimann Rolls/walnuts (the dough ready to be cooked in the large cans usually in the Dairy Section, You may make your own
1 cup brown sugar (your favorite brand)
(to be used for dip)
16 ounces jar Apple Butter (your favorite brand)


Boil chicken tenderly until well done. While the chicken is cooking, roll out your dough 1/4" thick and let rise. Once the chicken is completely cooked pour it in to a collander and allow all the water to run off. You will not want any moisture in or on the chicken. It will gather moisture when we wrap it with our dough. While the chicken is draining cut your dough in to 5X5 inch squares. Cover each with butter LIGHTLY! Sprinkle brown sugar on top of the butter.. to your taste. Place chicken in the middle of each square and roll as you would a crossaint. Place on a cookie tray and bake at 350 degrees until golden brown on top and bottom. Brush butter on with a pastry brush. Serve with Apple Butter dip.....YUMMY!


8.0 servings


Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 4:54pm


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