Gluten Free Chicken Marsala


5-6 pieces of thick slicked bacon cut into 1/4 inch pcs.
4 thin boneless chicken breast (Or thick ones pounded thin–or 1 package of chicken tenderloin cuts)
1/2 cup of coconut flour
Sea Salt
1 cup of dry Marsala Wine
2-3 Tbsp of sweetener (I used Maple Syrup-you could try honey or stevia but I thought the Maple Syrup worked best)
8 tbsp Heavy Cream


Cook your bacon on a medium high heat tos a nice brown.
While it is rendering (that’s the fancy pants term for cooking down the bacon until its gummy white fat melts into grease.)
Rinse and pat dry your chicken and then dredge it through the coconut flour, and lightly season it with some salt and pepper. Set to the side, and when the bacon is ready remove it with a slotted spoon (or whatever you can use so you aren’t taking out too much of the fat, onto a paper towel lined plate.)
Put the chicken into the pan and try for 5 or so minutes and flip (it should be a light golden brown). Do the same on the other side and after 5-6 mins I use a knife to check one tender or breast for doneness.
Remove chicken when done and drain the grease.
Return the pan to the same medium-high heat and add your wine. This helps to deglaze the pan so make sure you have a wooden spoon or high heat safe spatula to help get the good little bits and pieces from that bacon you just cooked and chicken.
The wine will come to a slight boil (let it go for a few seconds then stir a bit-you are working to cook off the alcohol) it will reduce but 1/4 and then you are ready to add the cream!
Stir in and continue to stir while it thickens up, when it is thick enough to coat the back of your spoon or spatula you can add the bacon and chicken back in! I always make sure the chicken gets to simmer for a few minutes to soak in the flavor a little bit.
We always have ours with Pasta, I use brown rice pasta. My version of this recipe has double the sauce so there is enough to go on your pasta as well as chicken. I dare you to not want to lick the plate clean!


I love Chicken Marsala, the one that I measure all other Chicken Marsala's is from my favorite restaurant-Buca Di Beppo. Now though that I have gone gluten-free I have had to take steps to make it something I can eat! Enjoy the sweet yet savory dish!


Serves 4-5 people


Monday, April 22, 2013 - 8:45pm

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