Apple Wreaths


Materials needed: Thin-gauge wire (heavy florist wire or picture hanging wire work fine) Evaporated Apples (Located in your grocery store near the raisins. (They come in bags - 8 oz is about $1.50 - $2. This bag looks small but makes a lot of wreaths!) Cinnamon and Whole Cloves Ribbon of your choice (Thin muslin strips or twine also can be used.)
These wreaths are quite simple. To make the small size wreath, cut a piece of the wire about 9" long and set aside. Open the bag of apples and using your hands, tear apart the apples into small pieces about the size of a dime. Don't try to make them uniform in size. Having some smaller and some larger adds to the "texture" of the wreath. I think that using scissors makes the edges look "hard" and detracts from the country-look. String the apple pieces on the wire for about 5". Again, don't try to "match up" the pieces, just do it haphazardly.
It really looks better this way! Then form the wreath into a circle and bring the ends of the wire together and twist. Form the twisted end into a loop for hanging. Tuck the end into a piece of apple at the top. Next, insert 3 or 4 whole cloves into the wreath at random places around it. Pour some of the powdered cinnamon into a bag and then shake the wreath in the cinnamon. Remove the wreath and lay flat to dry. A day or two should be enough. Add a ribbon bow (I used 9".) and "wallah!!" you have a country apple wreath! I have made these in large sizes and hung them in my kitchen window. The sunlight coming through the window releases some of the spicy scent and the fragrance makes my family think I'm baking pies! Experiment with it and enjoy yourself!


8.0 servings


Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 5:42pm



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