Technique: Punching


A technique for deflating yeast dough after its first rising to expel carbon dioxide, redistribute yeast, relax gluten and even out the temperature of the dough.

To punch down dough, tug on the sides of the dough and fold it over the center. Continue until all sides are folded then flip the dough upside down and proceed with the next rising.


Translations: Atzīmēšanās, Apipjaustymas, Stampuire, Udaranje, Đấm, Wykrawania, Ponsen, छेद करना, Перфорация, اللكم, 펀칭, Děrování, Meninju, Pagsuntok, 冲压, Cops de puny, Prebijanje, Dierovanie, Punzonatura, Stansning, Ударање, パンチング, Perforation, Lochung, Stansning, Stansing, Puñetazos, Перфорація, Lävistys, Щанцоване



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