Technique: Testing For Ripeness


When fruits ripen, they undergo changes that affect their color, weight, texture, flavor, and aroma

Color - fruits that start to ripen change color, the green chlorophyll breaks down and their colors start to show. They may take on a deeper, brighter color
Weight - a ripe fruit gains weight, a heavy tomato is a good sign of ripeness.
Texture - feel for tender texture, the squeeze test is very useful if the fruit doesn't have a hard or thick rind. some ripe fruits also take on a waxy shine when they are ripe.
Aroma - a full fruity aroma is a great indicator of ripeness


Other names: Test For Ripeness, Tested For Ripeness
Translations: Testēšana uz gatavība, Patikrinimas, ar Brandą, De testare pentru maturitate, Za testiranje zrelosti, Thử nghiệm cho chín, Do badania dojrzałości, Testen voor Rijpheid, पूर्णता के लिए परीक्षण, Teste de maturação, Тестирование Для Зрелость, Για τη δοκιμή ωριμότητας, اختبار للحصول على النضوج, 테스트 성숙에 대한, Testování Zralost, Pengujian Untuk kematangan, Pagsubok Para sa pagkahinog, 对于成熟过程中的测试, Proves per a la maduresa, Testiranje za zrelost, Testovanie Zrelosť, Test per Maturazione, בדיקת הבשלות, Testning för Mognad, Тестирање за зрелост, テスト成熟について, Test la maturité, Testen für Reife, Test For modenhed, Testing For modenhet, Pruebas para la madurez, Тестування Для Зрілість, Testausta kypsyys, Тестване за зрялост



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