Technique: Martini Masterclass


How to make the perfect fruit martini:

First chill your glasses by putting them in the fridge or freezer. Then prepare your garnish in advance.

1 full measure of spirit
½ measure of liqueur
½ measure of juice
2-3 cocktail spoons of sugar syrup

Shaken or stirred? According my martini mixmeister, stirring results in a more intense flavoured cocktail, whereas shaking leads to greater dilution as the ice melts more into the drink. If you opt for a shaken cocktail, the correct moves involve a two-handed circular motion of the shaker at shoulder level.

Rub the rim of the glass with a piece of lemon peel to impart some of the oil. Strain the cocktail into the chilled glass using a double strainer - ie. cap the cocktail shaker with a cocktail strainer, and pour the liquid through this, and a tea strainer set over the glass. Result, a perfectly smooth, ice-free cocktail.

Spritz a little lemon oil over the surface of the drink and garnish.

Bottoms up!


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