Tool: Thermometer


A thermometer is a device or instrument used to measure temperature. In cooking there are different types of thermometers.

Types of Thermometers:

Candy Thermometer - designed for use with confectionery, for measuring the temperature in candy syrups, or tempering chocolates
Cooking Thermometer - an all purpose thermometer used to determine the temperature of prepared food.
Meat Thermometer -used for cooking meat.Knowing the temperature of the meat will help us know the doneness of the food cooked.


Other names: Cooking Thermometer
Translations: Termometrs, Termometras, Termometru, Termometar, Nhiệt kế, Termometr, थर्मामीटर, Termômetro, Термометр, Θερμόμετρο, ميزان الحرارة, 온도계, Teploměr, Termometer, 温度计, Termòmetre, Termometer, Teplomer, Termometro, מדחום, Termometer, Термометар, 温度計, Thermomètre, Termometer, Termometer, Termómetro, Термометр, Lämpömittari, Термометър




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