Tool: Covered Cocotte


Cocotte is the French word for "casserole". It refers to a round or oval casserole with a tight-fitting lid. It can be either individual-size or large and is traditionally made of earthenware. The phrase en cocotte means "cooked in a casserole".


Translations: Segtās Cocotte, Įtraukta Cocotte, Acoperite cocotă, Natkrivena Cocotte, Bao Cocotte, Objętych Cocotte, Overdekte Cocotte, कवर Cocotte, Coberto Cocotte, Крытый Cocotte, Κλειστή Cocotte, غطت مومس, 대상 Cocotte, Kryté Cocotte, Sinasaklaw Cocotte, 涵盖科科特, Cobert Cocotte, Vključeni Cocotte, Kryté Cocotte, Coperto Cocotte, מקורה Cocotte, Skyddade Cocotte, Покривен Цоцотте, 対象ココット, Couvert Cocotte, Omfattet Cocotte, Dekket Cocotte, Cubierto Cocotte, Критий Cocotte, Kuuluu Cocotte, Закрит Cocotte



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