Tool: Salad Chopper


A tool with two rotating stainless steel blades that make it easy to chop lettuce, vegetables, cheese, fruit and more, right in the bowl.


Translations: Salāti Chopper, Salotos Chopper, Salata Chopper, Salata Chopper, Sałatka Chopper, Salade Chopper, सलाद चोपर, Salada Chopper, Салат Chopper, Σαλάτα Chopper, سلطة مفرمة, 샐러드 쵸퍼, Salát Chopper, Salad puthaw, 沙拉斩波, Amanida de Chopper, Solata Chopper, Šalát Chopper, Insalata di Chopper, סלט צ 'ופר, Салата Чопер, サラダチョッパー, Salade Chopper, Salat Chopper, Salat Chopper, Ensalada de Chopper, Салат Chopper, Salad hakkurivirtalähteelle, Салата хеликоптера



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