Tool: Stand Mixer Slicer Attachment


A slicer/shredder attachment makes thick or thin slices of firm fruits and vegetables, as well as fine or coarse shreds of crisp vegetables, nuts and firm cheese.


Other names: Stand Mixer Shredder Attachment
Translations: Stand Mikseris Nazis Attachment, Stendas Mikser Slicer Priedas, Stand Atasament Slicer Mixer, Stand Mikser Prilog Šlicer, Stand Mixer Attachment Slicer, Załącznik Slicer Stand Mixer, मिक्सर slicer अनुलग्नक खड़े रहो, Stand Mixer Attachment Slicer, Стенд Смеситель Slicer Приложение, Stand Mixer Συνημμένο Slicer, موقف خلاط مرفق القطاعة, 믹서 슬라 이서 첨부 파일을 스탠드, Stánek Mixer Slicer příloh, Lampiran Stand Mixer Slicer, Stand panghalo Slicer Attachment, 站在调音台切片机附件, Batedora Adjunt màquina de tallar, Stand Mešalnik Slicer Attachment, Stánok Mixer Slicer príloh, Stand Attachment Slicer Mixer, סטנד מצורף מבצעה מיקסר, Станд Миксер Прилог слицер, ミキサースライサーの添付ファイルをスタンド, Stand d'accessoires pour batteur Slicer, Stand Mixer Slicer vedlegg, Batidora Adjunto máquina de cortar, Стенд Змішувач Slicer Додаток, Стойка Миксер Приложение Slicer



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