Tool: Wire Pastry Blender


A wire pastry blender thouroughly blends butter with flour and sugar or other dry ingredients together. Some people use this tool for mashing potatoes.


Other names: Wire Masher
Translations: Wire Mīklas Blender, Viela konditerijos blender, Sârmă Patiserie Blender, Žica tijesto miješalica, Dây Bánh nướng Máy xay sinh tố, Blender ciasta Wire, Wire gebakjemixer, तार पेस्ट्री ब्लेंडर, Проволока Кондитерские Blender, Σύρμα Blender Ζαχαροπλαστικής, سلك المعجنات خلاط, 와이어 페스트리의 블렌더, Drát pečivo Blender, Wire ng matamis Blender, 丝糕点搅拌机, Filferro mesclador dels pastissos, Wire Pecivo Blender, Drôt pečivo Blender, Filo Pasticceria Blender, חוט בלנדר מאפה, Wire bakelse mixer, Жица Колачи мијешалица, ワイヤーペストリーブレンダー, Mélangeur à pâtisserie Wire, Wire Konditor Blender, Alambre mezclador de los pasteles, Дріт Кондитерські Blender, Wire leivokset Blender, Wire Сладкарници пасатора



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