Tool: Pineapple Slicer


A pineapple slicer will peel, core and slice a fresh pineapple in just 30 seconds. It works like a corkscrew, removing the flesh in perfectly formed rings leaving the core in the shell. One turn, one slice, or the whole pineapple in one go. The shell remains intact for use as a desert or drinks bowl. Fresh, juicy, perfect pineapple rings in less time than it takes to open a can.


Translations: Ananāsu Nazis, Ananasų Slicer, Ananas Šlicer, Dứa Slicer, Ananas Slicer, अनानास slicer, Abacaxi Slicer, Ананас Slicer, Ανανάς Slicer, الأناناس القطاعة, 파인애플 슬라 이서, Ananas Slicer, Pinya Slicer, 菠萝切片机, Màquina de tallar pinya, Ananás Slicer, Ananas Affettatrice, אננס מבצעה, Ананас слицер, パイナップルスライサー, Ananas Slicer, Ananas Slicer, Ananas Slicer, Máquina de cortar piña, Ананас Slicer, Ananas Slicer, Ананас Slicer



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