Tool: Cream Whipper


This devise will ONLY whip cream or heavy cream. It will not whip half-n-half, soy milk, whole milk or any other milk product. It will also not thicken something into mousse, turn eggs and oil into mayonnaise or anything else along those lines. Those kinds of things need to be done with emersion blenders or food processors.


Other names: charger
Translations: Cream izkrāvējs, Kremas Whipper, Cream hăitaş, Krem redar, Kem Whipper, Krem Whipper, क्रीम whipper, Крем для взбивания, Κρέμα Whipper, كريم الجلاد, 크림 위퍼, Krém Šlehací, 霜惠珀, Crema Whipper, Smetana Reda, Krém Šľahacia, Crema Whipper, מטרף, Крем редар, クリームホイッパー, Crème Whipper, Crema Whipper, Крем для збивання, Крем нахакано




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Sarah's picture

These things only work when you use actual cream (something about the level of milk fats)- I think this cuz I tried it with soymilk. Which didnt' work at all.