Tool: Heavy Cook's Knife


A cook's knife is a kitchen essential. It is an all-purpose knife that handles a variety of cutting tasks.


Translations: Smagā Cook's Knife, Sunkusis sausainiukai peilis, Grele de bucatari cu pirghii, Teška Cook's Knife, Cook nặng của Knife, Ciężki nóż kucharza, Zware Koksmes, भारी कुक चाकू, Knife Heavy Cook, Тяжелые Кука нож, Βαρύ μαχαίρι Κουκ, الثقيلة كوك سكين, 거센 쿡의 칼, Heavy Cook nůž, Berat Cook Knife, Knife Malakas na Cook's, 重型库克的刀, Cook Heavy ganivet, Heavy Cook nôž, מבשלים כבד של סכין, Tunga Cooks Knife, Тешка Кук нож, 重クックのナイフ, Tunge Cook's kniv, Cook Heavy cuchillo, Важкі Кука ніж, Raskas Cook's Knife, Тежък Кук нож



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