Tool: Heavy Cleaver


For chopping meat or cracking chicken and fish bones, a heavy cleaver is the perfect tool. Its weight and sharp edge will help you do all of your heavy cutting jobs with ease.


Translations: Smagā cirvis, Βαρύ Cleaver, Sunkusis Cleaver, الثقيلة كليفر, Тешка Цлеавер, Grele Cleaver, Teška Cleaver, Cleaver nặng, כבד קליבר, Тяжелые Кливер, Zware Cleaver, 거센 클리버, 重クリーバー, भारी क्लीवर, Важкі Клівер, Tunga Cleaver, 重型克利弗, Tunge Cleaver, Тежък Cleaver, Berat Cleaver, Malakas puthaw



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