Tool: Rocks Glass


Rocks glasses are usually used for whiskey and gin-based cocktails, though sometimes also for bourbon and scotch. Rocks glasses got their name as most of these drinks are served "on the rocks" or over ice.


Translations: Rocks Stikla, Skala stiklo, Rocks sticlă, Staklo Rocks, Szkło skał, Rocks Glas, चट्टानों ग्लास, Скалы стекла, Rocks Γυαλί, صخور الزجاج, 유리 바위, Rocks sklo, 岩石玻璃, Pedres de vidre, Rocks sklo, Pietre di vetro, סלעים זכוכית, Rocks Glas, Стене стакла, ロックスガラス, Rocks verre, Piedras de cristal, Скелі скла, Скали от стъкло



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