Tool: Serving Bowl


serving bowl is used for presentation as well as functionality. Instead of serving a dish from the cooking vessel, a serving dish is used. Most often colorful or beautifully decorated and often coming with a set of other dishes.


Translations: Paslaugos Bowl, Servirea Bowl, Posluživanje Bowl, Phục vụ Bowl, Obsługujących Bowl, Serveerschaal, सेवा बाउल, Servindo Bowl, Обслуживание Боул, Εξυπηρετούν Bowl, خدمة السلطانية, 검색 보울, Servírovací miska, Послуживање Боул, Serving mangkok, 服务碗, Bol, Vročanje Bowl, Servírovacia miska, Servire Bowl, הצגה קערה, Servering Skål, Melayani Bowl, サービングボウル, Un bol de service, Visning Bowl, Visning Bowl, Cuenco, Обслуговування Боул, Tarjoilukulho, Сервиране купата



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