Tool: Absinthe Glass


Absinthe was commonly served in normal bar glassware, but eventually special decorative glasses were created and popularized. They commonly has a short stem and tall bowl with a resevoir (a small bulge at the bottom of the glass to mark the dose of absinthe) to enhance the drink's appearance.


Translations: Absints Stikla, Absentas Stiklas, Absint din sticla, Pelin staklo, Absynt Glass, Absint Glas, Absinthe ग्लास, Абсент стекла, Αψίνθιο Γυαλί, شراب مسكر زجاج, 압생트나 유리, Absint sklo, Absinthe Kaca, 苦艾酒玻璃, Absinthe de vidre, Absint Glass, Absint sklo, Assenzio di vetro, האבסינת זכוכית, Absint Glas, Апсинт стакла, アブサングラス, Absinthe Glas, Absinthe glas, Absinthe glass, Absinthe de vidrio, Абсент скла, Absinthe lasi, Абсент стъкло



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