Tool: Brownie Pop Mold


Brownie pops are a fun and unique treat that are a hit at kid’s parties and other celebrations. To make brownie pops, fill each of the eight cavities of the mold two-thirds full with batter and bake. Insert the sticks after the brownies are done baking and secure with melted chocolate. Brownie pops are a great way to enjoy this favorite treat without sticky hands. The mold can also be used to make gelatin, ice cream and other frozen desserts.


Translations: Gariņš Pop Mold, Brownie Pop mold, Spiridus Pop Mold, Brownie Pop Khuôn, Formy Pop Brownie, ब्राउनी पॉप आचारण, Brownie Mold Pop, Брауни Pop прессформы, Νεράιδα Mold Pop, الكعكة البوب مقلب, 브라우 니의 팝 몰드, Brownie Pop magkaroon ng amag, 布朗尼流行模具, Brownie moho Pop, Skautkinja Pop Mold, בראוני עובש פופ, Бровние Поп Молд, ブラウニーポップ金, Mold Pop Brownie, Brownie floridura Pop, Брауні Pop пресформи, Брауни Поп Мухъл



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