Tool: Honesuki Knife


The honesuki knife, a traditional Japanese boning knife, is primarily used on poultry, but also works well with other meats. Generous knuckle clearance and angled blade tip make it easy to use.


Translations: Honesuki nazis, Honesuki Μαχαίρι, Honesuki peilis, Honesuki سكين, Honesuki nôž, Honesuki cuţit, Nož Honesuki, Honesuki nůž, Honesuki סכין, Honesuki нож, Honesuki 나이프, Honesukiナイフ, Honesuki चाकू, Honesuki ganivet, Honesuki ніж, Honesuki Pisau, Honesuki刀, Хонесуки Нож, Honesuki cuchillo, Honesuki нож



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