Tool: Springform Cake Pan


Springform cake pans allow the user to remove the sides off of a cake pan after it's been cooked without difficulty of tearing the cake inside using a knife or spatula or having to flip the cake upside down.


Translations: Tort Springform Pan, Springform Torta Pan, Cake tortownicy, Springvorm Cake Pan, पैन केक पैन, Bolo springform Pan, Springform Пан торт, Springform Κέικ Pan, سبرينغفورم الكعكة عموم, Springform 케익 팬, Springform keyk Pan, Springform蛋糕盘, Pan Cake springform, Springform Cake Pán, Cake Pan Tortiera, עוגת Springform פאן, Спрингформ Колач пан, Springformケーキはパン, Cake moule à charnière, Springform Backform, Pa Cake springform, Springform Пан торт, Springform за печене на кекс



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