Tool: Forged Chef's Knife


A fully forged chef's knife is an avid cook's best friend. The strength and balance will keep your hand and arm from fatiguing while you're working on your meal preparations. Suited primarily for cutting meat blocks into pieces, it’s also good for cutting vegetables.


Translations: Kalti Šefpavāra nazis, Kaltiniai Šefo peilis, Forjate Chef's Knife, Kovani Chef's Knife, Giả mạo của Chef Knife, Kuty nóż szefa kuchni, Gesmede Koksmes, जाली है बावर्ची चाकू, Faca forjada Chef's, Кованый нож шеф-повара, Πλαστά μαχαίρι του Σεφ, الشيف مزورة لسكين, 단조의 주방장 칼, Kované Chef nůž, Ковани кувар нож, Knife imitasyon chef's, 伪造的厨师刀, Xef El ganivet forjat, Ponarejena Chef nož, Kované Chef nôž, Chef's Knife forgiato, השף זיופים של סכין, Smidd Kockkniv, Ditempa Chef's Knife, 鍛造のシェフのナイフ, Couteau de Chef Forgé, Geschmiedete Kochmesser, Smedede Chef's Knife, Smidde Chef's kniv, Chef El cuchillo forjado, Кований ніж шеф-кухаря, Taotut Chef's Knife, Кован на главния готвач нож



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