Tool: Champagne Glass


The Champagne glass or Champagne flute is a stem glass with a tall, narrow tulip-shaped bowl. The long stem allows the drinker to hold the glass without warming the champagne


Other names: Tulip Champagne Glass, Champagne Flute
Translations: Champagne Stikla, Šampano, Champagne din sticla, Šampanjac Čaša, Szkło szampana, Een glas champagne, शैम्पैन ग्लास, Champagne Vidro, Бокал с шампанским, الشمبانيا الزجاج, 샴페인 글래스, Šampaňské, Champagne salamin, 香槟杯, Champagne Cristal, Šampanské, שמפניה זכוכית, Champagne Glas, Шампањац стакла, シャンパングラス, Champagner Glas, Champagne Glas, Champagne Cristal, Келих з шампанським, Champagne стъкло




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The Champagne Flute minimizes surface area (not as wide as other wine classes) which promotes longer lasting bubbles, and encourages bubbles upwards to focus aroma.