Tool: Portable Induction Burner


Induction burners are precise, efficient, fast, reliable and a favorite of professional chefs. They are considered the best cooking surface available. They use 90%% of energy produced, have quick heating response (as precise as gas, with 50%% less cooking time), and the surface stays cool to the touch with no flames or smoke.


Translations: Portable Indukcijas Burner, Nešiojami Įvadinė Burner, Portabil de inducţie arzător, Prijenosni Indukcija plamenika, Thiết bị cảm ứng Burner, Indukcja Burner przenośnych, Draagbare Inductie Burner, पोर्टेबल प्रेरण बर्नर, Indução Burner Portable, Портативные горелки индукционные, Φορητό καυστήρα Επαγωγή, الشعلة محمولة التعريفي, 휴대용 유도 버너, Přenosné Indukční Burner, Induksi Portable Burner, Portable pagtatalaga sa tungkulin mitsero, 便携式感应燃烧器, Cremador d'inducció portàtil, Prenosni Indukcijske Burner, Prenosné Indukčné Burner, Induzione Burner Portable, אינדוקציה Portable מבער, Bärbar Induktion brännare, Преносни Индукција бурнер, ポータブル誘導バーナー, Brûleur à induction portable, Bærbare Induktion Burner, Bærbar Induksjon brenner, Quemador de inducción portátil, Портативні пальника індукційні, Kannettava induktio Burner, Преносим Индукция горелка



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